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Math is all around us. Learning to solve mathematical problems equips children with mathematical thinking and problem-solving skills. However, most students do not like math. The most identified reason behind poor performance in mathematics is learning gaps. Students have learning gaps due to the previous concepts which are not understood. Another challenge faced by children while learning math is the unavailability of resources that help them to understand the topic effectively. To overcome these problems, Navima has developed an excellent web platform to teach math interactively.
Most students are not interested in practicing math because they feel it is difficult and tedious. This problem arises due to the lack of support for individual difficulties and lesser chances to improve performance. Standard classroom teaching techniques are insufficient for a classroom with more students. Moreover, it involves lots of time to analyze the performance of each student. Taking more time in analysis leads to knowledge gaps and affects the performance of the students.

Navima is a breakthrough platform that addresses the core need in teaching and learning math. Our concept-based math platform contains over 20,000 preloaded drills for classes 1 to 7. The drills in Navima can assess the student’s understanding of a concept and help them overcome their learning difficulties. Navima drills improve the performance of the students and help them achieve mastery in math.
The platform can be easily integrated into the classroom schedule of the teachers and can be effectively used to promote learning beyond the classroom. Teachers can use the Navima platform to Assess, Analyze and support students in one step adding an edge to their classroom or online teaching. Teachers can share notes, reading materials, videos, and other resources to prepare the students for a topic. After teaching a concept, teachers can evaluate each student by asking them to solve the drills.

Navima platform fits well in the teaching-learning cycle of schools with different curriculums. Our pedagogy encourages students to take an active part in math learning to improve their learning outcomes and class performance.

Navima transforms the way children learn math. The adaptive learning platform assesses the student’s capabilities and understanding of a concept and recommends practice drills to improve their math skills. With the use of gamification, Navima makes learning math interesting, challenging, and invigorating for students.
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      • To provide cutting-edge math learning tools that enable students to sharpen their problem-solving skills.
      • To ensure every child enjoys learning math and achieving their optimum proficiency with continuous practice.
      • To make sure that each student gets an opportunity to improve their performance.
  • To do away with the myth that math is a burdensome subject.
  • To transform the way math is taught in schools and facilitate learning beyond the classroom.
  • To reduce the burden of teachers and help them optimize teaching time.
  • To shape a generation of students equipped with the right problem-solving strategies.
  • To empower students to play a leading role in learning.




Navima delivers a one-stop solution that has revolutionized the way maths is taught in our schools. Our platform aims to empower both the students and teachers by providing them with the right tools. To ensure that every student takes an active part in learning math, Toppan Printing Co Ltd built a math platform using the latest interventions in Education Technology. The platform assesses the student’s learning of a topic during their regular studies and identifies learning gaps. It provides proficiency analysis to help teachers prepare remedial plans for students who face difficulties with a particular concept.

Navima (A Division of ARG Consulting Pvt Ltd) is the Authorized Distributor of Navima services for schools in the Indian subcontinent. Our experienced delivery team takes care of the platform implementation of the program in partner schools. Our team of expert academicians will help you to create the perfect learning atmosphere that promotes motivated learning.


Navima provides an innovative ed-tech product that helps client schools to create a dynamic learning environment. The platform consists of unique tools that foster adaptive learning. The cutting-edge math teaching program conforms to the New Education Policy 2020 India that emphasizes the collaboration between technology and teaching for effective learning. By partnering with schools.

  1. Navima is a one-stop solution for effective teaching and guided learning with interlinked student and teacher portals.
  2. Complete assignment management for teachers as our program takes care of everything from preloaded math drills to auto-checking the answers and proficiency analysis.
  3. The learning memo pad tool enables effective teaching beyond the boundaries of the classroom with one-to-one attention to every student.
  4. Navima is an easy-to-use platform that is accessible through multiple devices at school and home.
  5. The gamification of drills makes math learning fun for students by rewarding them for solving every problem.
  6. An advanced math learning platform that promotes peer-to-peer learning and collaboration among the students as they share their ideas and perspectives on solving math problems under the guidance of their teachers.
  7. The pedagogy helps children overcome their fear of math and develop a positive identity as they gradually improve their conceptual clarity and problem-solving skills.



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Launch of Navima Program for Grade1 to 7 in India