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Tips on effective learning using NAVIMA

Keep a schedule

Make a schedule to pre-plan your class and assign Navima drills and assignments for the desired topic.

Stay Consistent

Make Navima a habit! Determine specific times to assign Navima drills and assignments. The regular frequency of practice will enhance the ability and address the learning gaps.

Encourage Independent Learning

Encourage students to practice math using Navima drills (Adaptive + Recommended Drills) to get conceptual clarity in each topic to master the concept.

Be realistic and set clear goals

Motivate your students with clear guidelines and make them part of the learning process. Try to understand which skills are the most important and provide engaging assignments that align with the chosen skill.

Encourage collaborative Learning

Encourage students to use tools that allow for comments and like so students can share and leave supportive notes for their peers. Let students communicate with each other using Navima.

Identify Milestones and Appreciate

Identify Milestones in each topic and appreciate students for their performance to motivate them. Recognizing their efforts and sharing good work among peers will increase their self-confidence.

Recognize the emotional input

Provide an opportunity to reflect on when students want to share their doubts and thoughts with the teacher. Navima provides a facility to address those doubts to help your student to build a personal connection.

Distance doesn’t prohibit learning

Use the right tools which allow students to collaborate and communicate in real-time around shared ideas and problems. Collaboration not only takes place in class but also while learning at home.

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  • Supported OS: iOS, Android 9 or newer
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