Faq - Navima


Here are some of the frequently asked questions about us that will help you understand more about Navima.


What is Navima?

Navima is a web-based adaptive learning platform for teachers and students of elementary schools. Navima platform is designed to improve the performance of learners in Mathematics by creating a path that is based on their current level and at a pace they are comfortable with.

Which subjects are covered in Navima?

Navima is currently available for mathematics. Soon we will be launching the upgrade of Navima with Science and English.

Which classes/grades are covered in Navima?

Navima platform is currently available for grades 1 to 7. We are planning to upgrade Navima from grade 1 to 9 soon.

Is Navima aligned to any board syllabi?

Navima is a concept-based platform that covers all mathematical concepts. Navima covers the concepts and is compatible with CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, and IB board.

Is Navima available offline?

No. Navima needs an active internet connection.

Does the school need to buy the tablets to implement Navima?

Since Navima is a web-based platform, it is accessible from any device which has an active Internet connection like a tablet, computer, and laptop. However, we provide complete support to schools by providing the option of buying or renting the tablet from us.

What makes Navima different from other e-learning platforms?

Navima Offers unique value proposition in terms of:

  1. Learning Experience suitable for an individual student’s approach to studying Math.
  2. Collaborative Learning between students and with the teacher
  3. Complete Assignment Management tool for the teachers

How will Navima help students in school?

Navima Help in the following manner:

  1. Students will use Navima in class for pre-and post-teaching of a subject to verify their understanding level.
  2. Navima helps to identify and fill learning gaps in a topic through recommended practice and key points for each question.
  3. Navima is useful for teachers to evaluate all students in the classroom and provide quick support to students who are lagging.

How can I signup/register my school for Navima?

Sign up for Navima Trial by filling out this form or contact us at [email protected] or call us on 9319199450