DATE: 12TH-13TH FEB,2019

YaruKey participated in “Indian Education Congress 2019” held on 12th-13th Feb,2019 at JW Marriott Hotel, New Delhi.

Indian Education Congress 2019 focussed on identifying the profound impact of Digital technologies on education areas, economies, and societies. The theme for the Indian Education Congress 2019 was “ Reimaging Education in Disruptive times”.

9th Indian Education Congress invited the delegates to enlighten with insightful sessions in a specially crafted Peeer2Peer forum. YaruKey members were one of the delegates were the torch bearers of Indian and Global Education fraternity spoke their minds in an exclusive face off to find unidirectional approaches that ushered crucial uprising trend among the community.

The roundtable took place in perspective new ways that are emerging and facilitating the assimilation of boarder-less education imparting opportunities across education segments. Here we found many educationists who talked about the replacement of erstwhile blackboards with the new intuitive and interactive whiteboards, the multi-device any-time, anywhere learning / teaching scenarios and how to leverage them. Now when we talk about YaruKey, it is also helping in the education industry to transform from traditional classroom to virtual classroom and from textbook to digital workbook. The transformation has been quite rapid, and the industry indicators were showing steady growth. More and more individuals and enterprises were playing prolific roles in adding value in the education system as a whole.

Dignitaries attended:
• Formal & Informal Educational Stakeholders Including CEOs / Directors / Principals / Deans and Senior Management
• Suppliers & Allied Industry
• Corporate, Franchisors & Franchisees
• Associations, Agencies & Media
• Education Ministries and Councils (Regional & International)
• Investors, NBFC, Micro-finance Companies into Micro-Finance with focus on Education Sector

The takeaway of the events was to find a solution or ways to transform the education industry through technology and the main concern is to stay updated on the latest advance in the field of education.

YaruKey enthusiastically explored to show the utilization of new methodology on quality assurance and school improvement in the learning of Mathematics to enhance the growth rate of the academic career of the students. It was a great opportunity to show the YaruKey’s innovative and unique solution among the decision makers and explaining the difference between the comparison and evaluation of the right growth format for education enterprise.

Identification of efficiencies and measurable outcomes coming to the classroom is necessary. Now a day implementation of integrated internationalization is going on. YaruKey is providing the modern outlook to curriculum and modernize the teaching methods of teachers.